the experience

Your experience with me starts before you get on the table. We will work together so that I understand your current state of balance and can design your personalized massage session.

My office is a calm and serene oasis - perfect for unwinding from the busy outside world. I diffuse calming essential oils by Aveda, which will help you relax onto the table. I will conduct a body assessment to locate specific problematic areas so that I can best relieve them. When on the table, I will guide you through a deep breathing exercise which will help relax your muscles, ensuring a deeper tension release. I select a very relaxing style of music to help your mind settle and calm. Depending on the style of work provided, especially if deeper, I will be checking to make sure the pressure is just right throughout your session.

I use Aveda massage lotion and oils and you will have the choice of selecting an essential oil blend to best soothe your mind and body. If you prefer to have a scent-free experience, I am happy to provide that as well.

At the conclusion of your session, I encourage you to relax for a few moments. I'll step out so you can redress, and will return to you with a refreshment for you to enjoy as you leave. We will chat briefly about my recommendations for continued balance and restoration before you depart.